Terms & conditions

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  • In case you disagree with any of the terms and conditions, kindly do not use the website or its services.
  • If you are below the legal age of consent according to your country or district, it is not permissible for you to use our website.
  • Make sure that you are of the legally appropriate age to buy any of the services that are provided by our website.
  • When you submit your payment and order to our team, than it means that you are satisfied and in agreement with our terms and conditions. Thus, you are legally accepting our terms and conditions and the agreement between our website and you is created.
  • If there is a late delivery from our end, due to any kind of technical error like word count, typing, grammar or references etc., the refund can only be provided when there is a mutual agreement over it. While complete amount can not be refunded, but only a certain percentage of the total is refunded. Or discount can be provided for the future services.
  • If there is a delay from the client’s side, than the company is by no means responsible for that.
  • No refund is provided if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of writing.
  • Once you have provided the order, and/or have made the payment, than you are purchasing the services for your individual use only.
  • The services are drafted by freelance professionals that hand the ownership and rights of the products to the company.
  • Our services are non-refundable and there are no warranties available.
  • You should read the terms and conditions properly before ordering our services or making your payments at all times.